Beyoncé’s ‘Hair Care Laboratory’ Helped Trevor Noah Get His Hair Done For The 2024 Emmy Awards [Video] |

Trevor Noah is already a fan of Beyoncé’s hair care line.

via: Uproxx

Noah might have let one of Beyoncé’s secrets slip, it seems. During an episode of his What Now? With Trevor Noah podcast that dropped yesterday, he had a story about how he got ready for the Emmy Awards, and the musical icon played a role in helping him out.

“I couldn’t find a place to get my hair done,” Noah said. Apparently, his hairstylist was having trouble was having trouble securing a spot

“She sends me a text and she says, ‘Hey Trevor, Beyoncé said we can use her private hair studio if you need to.’ So I go, ‘Which Beyoncé?’ Because I don’t want to assume. I mean, I don’t have Beyoncé’s number. I don’t even know Beyoncé like that.”

As he continued telling the story, he apparently received an address that he described as a “hair care laboratory.” While Beyoncé herself wasn’t there, she did make sure Noah was cared for, “and then she basically hooks me up with like some secret products that Beyoncé uses, I guess.”

Earlier this week, Beyoncé announced a new line of haircare products under the company name Cécred. Right now, there are only a few teasers, but whatever the products are, they will be released on February 20.

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