Beyoncé Wins...Again! Judge Tosses Out 'Lemonade' Lawsuit


Beyoncé can continue to sip sweet sweet lemonade — unbothered.

The judge presiding over the case in which a filmmaker sued Bey claiming she plagiarized his work for her ‘Lemonade’ visual album has decided to toss the case.

via TMZ:

The judge said he considered filmmaker Matthew Fulks’ argument that “Lemonade” ripped off his work, and decided to toss the case … according to docs obtained by TMZ. It’s unclear why the judge rejected Fulks’ suit … he says he’ll dish details later.

TMZ broke the story … Bey was sued by Fulks back in June alleging she jacked several parts of his 2014 movie, “Palinoia” — using similar images from his short film for the “Lemonade” visual album.

Beyonce argued her work depicted a “proud black woman” … a stark contrast to Fulks’ film about a depressed white guy.

Make that … TWO depressed white guys now. 

We had a feeling this would happen.

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