Beyoncé Sent Madonna A Thankful Note After Their ‘Break My Soul’ Remix [Photos]

Days after the “Queens Remix” of Beyoncé’s summer hit “Break My Soul” rose to the top of the music charts, the hitmaker sent Madonna the sweetest gift to say thanks.

via: Uproxx

So far, Beyoncé has offered plenty of ways to enjoy “Break My Soul,” whether it’s via the original version, one of the four remixes from the EP, or the Madonna-featuring “Queens Remix” of the song. After the latter version came out, Madonna got a nice gift from Beyoncé.

Yesterday, Madonna took to her Instagram Story to show off a note from Beyoncé, accompanied by some flowers. The message reads, “Thank you, Queen. I’m so grateful for you. You have opened so many doors for so many women. You are masterpiece genius. Thank you for allowing me to sing in your song and thank you for naming the remix!!!! Love always and forever, B.”

Madonna wrote on the post, “thank you!! from one [queen] to another [queen]. I love the Re-Mix! @beyonce.” She also shared another photo showing off the massive bouquet of white flowers.

As for the part of Beyoncé’s message about “allowing me to sing in your song” despite this being a remix of her own song, that’s a nod to the remix sampling Madonna’s “Vogue.”

The “Queens Remix,” true to its name, shouts out a number of prominent female musicians past and present, some of whom offered reactions to the nods.

Check out Madonna’s posts below.

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