'Being Mary Jane' Star Raven Goodwin Kicked Out of the Waffle House for Popping Off [Video]

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‘Being Mary Jane’ star Raven Goodwin got into it with a woman at a Waffle House in Atlanta on Saturday night.

Her altercation got the 22-year-old kicked out of the restaurant.

via TMZ:

[Raven] was sitting at a table waiting for friends, but it looked like the people at the table next to her were about to leave so she asked to be moved there.

The people at the other table lingered, which apparently pissed Raven off.  We’re told Raven ended up in the bathroom arguing with a woman who had been sitting at the desired table.   The woman called Raven a “fat bitch,” and Raven fired back by telling her she was broke and need to go make some money.

The Waffle House staff sprung into action, jumping the counter and ordering both women to leave.

Check out the clip of her altercation below. She was NOT playing around!

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