The Beef Goes On: Nicki Minaj Put Bartender Sisters Accusing Cardi B of Assault Front and Center in 'Good Form' Video

Nicki Minaj hired a bunch of video vixens for her “Good Form” visual — but eagle-eyed fans noticed two girls whose placement has more significant meaning.

Baddie Gi and Jade, the two stripclub bartenders preparing to sue Cardi B for allegedly ordering an attack on them, were featured front and center in the cilp.

The appear around the 40-second mark (and in the photo above).

Both Baddie and Jade posted screenshots on IG of their “Good Form” cameos and even got heart and kissy face replies from Nicki.

Nicki also shared a pic with them both.

This probably won’t sit well with Cardi…especially after they called a truce. 

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