'Basketball Wives' Star Royce Reed is Getting Evicted...Because of Tampons


Royce Reed of ‘Basketball Wives’ fame is facing eviction…and it’s all because of tampons.

She’s being accused by her landlord of clogging her dance studio plumbing with excessive tampons and now the landlord wants her out.

via TMZ:

The “Basketball Wives” star — and Dwight Howard‘s baby mama — just got slapped with eviction docs for her Orlando dance studio. The landlord says she missed rent in April and wants her gone, pronto.

Meanwhile, Royce filed her own docs … saying she DID pay, even though the studio’s become a real s**thole — the plumbing backed up and flooded the joint. Not a great setting for dance classes.

In the docs, Royce says the landlord tried to blame it on tampons, and wanted her to cough up the dough to fix it. Her reply? There’s no evidence the offending fem products are hers or her students. 

If that wasn’t enough to tank her biz, Royce also says he leased out the neighboring space to a gun store — intending to make her dance studio less desirable to kids. 

Missing rent payments AND causing a need for repairs? Sorry Royce —  you gotta go!


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