'Barbershop' Franchise Accused of Ripping-Off Stage Play, Sued by Playwright


‘Barbershop: The Next Cut’ is supposed to hit theaters Friday, but a playwright is asking a judge to shut it down immediately, because it rips off his stage play — and a lawsuit has been filed.

via TMZ:

JD Lawrence says all 3 ‘Barbershop’ flicks, and the Showtime TV series, bear an uncanny resemblance to scenes from “Scissors” … a play he wrote and toured around the country from 1998 to 2001.

He says his play was set in a barbershop in a black neighborhood, and focused on the shop’s importance to the community … which, of course, is the same as the movies.

Lawrence says the similarities include … characters, plot lines, and events. He points out “Scissors” has an elderly owner — just like Cedric the Entertainer‘s character, Eddie. And both feature similar discussions about the O.J. Simpson murder trial — and white barbers who get clowned … for being white. 

He’s suing Warner Bros and Showtime for at least $20 million, and wants to block the release of ‘The Next Cut.’ Tick-tock … Friday’s coming up real quick.

Do you think he has a case? He sure did wait an awfully long time and three movies later to file a lawsuit.

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