Baltimore Police Release Video of Moment Mom is Shot Dead in Her Store in Front of Her Children

The young mother leaves behind four children aged between seven years and just 5 months.

A Baltimore mom was shot dead in her own store in front of her children.

Police released horrifying security footage of the last moments of 36-year-old Carmen Rodriguez’s life, as she was gunned down while working at a family owned deli with her kids on December 22.

The video shows a man emerging from a parked car outside the store on 157 N Kenwood, purchasing an item, and leaving.

He returns to the driver’s side and gets back in before what appears to be a second man, dressed in all black and wearing a mask and gloves, emerges from the passenger side.

He enters the store with a gun drawn and reaches violently across the counter at Rodriguez, before firing the fatal shot. He then flees the store and into the waiting car which immediately drives off.


The young mother leaves behind four children aged between seven years and just 5 months, as well as her devastated husband Derrick Galan.

“That guy, whoever he was, he came in. He shot my wife in front of my kids,” he told Fox45. “The kids were right there.”

“She gave them the money. Why would he shoot her? That’s what I don’t understand. He saw the kids.”

“I need help, please. If somebody knows something, say something, please. What am I going to tell my kids now? The big one asked me all the time, ‘Where is my mother?’ He saw what happened, but he’s confused.”

The couple owned and worked at Kim Deli and Grocery for about 15 years and never had any trouble.

Rodriguez’s sister-in-law said her brother had convinced his wife to move from her last job because the area was too dangerous.

Police said they were looking for two suspects, and offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to their capture.

On Friday, they arrested a 29 Year-old man named Terrance Peterson in connection with the murder; they did not say if he was suspected of being the gunman or the getaway driver.

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