Bad Idea? Brandy Says She Might Get a Tattoo Honoring Brother Ray J: 'Something Simple

By now you’ve probably seen Ray J’s…unique…tattoo of sister Brandy’s face on his leg.

When asked her thoughts on the ink, Brandy said she might return the favor and get a tattoo honoring her brother, “but it won’t be that.”

via Page Six

The piece, designed by Alexey Mashkov, features a huge rendition of Brandy’s face with the words “Best friends,” “4ever” and “From Ray with love” written on her face, along with bloodshot eyes.

While Brandy might not be on board for a huge Ray J face inked on her body anytime soon, she said she’d go with a more subtle approach.

“His name, something simple,” the “Sitting Up in My Room” songstress said. “Maybe in the back of my ear.”

“I had to start with my best friend!!” the rapper, 41, wrote on Instagram after getting the new tattoo, explaining that he wanted to eventually get a full leg piece including ink inspired by things like “music,” “scriptures,” “the vocal bible,” “ghosts” and other designs.

While Brandy admitted she “didn’t understand it at first,” she told TMZ that her brother “explained it to me and showed me the tattoo artist’s whole page and it was amazing.”

“It was meant to be that way,” she said, pausing to take selfies with fans along the Hollywood Walk of Fame as she chatted to the media outlet.

“It’s like a Basquiat-type of style,” she added, referring to the renowned Neo-expressionist painter.

The “Sexy Can I” singer also defended his ink after fans called it “cringy.”

“It’s my leg, it’s my sister,” he said adding, “I love my sister and that was just a symbol of me saying thank you for putting me in.”

Don’t do it, Brandy.

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