Baby Steps: Lamar Odom Walks on His Own for the First Time Since Being Hospitalized

lamar odom walking progress

Lamar Odom is making more strides in his recovery.

According to TMZ, the basketball star made his first steps without using a walker since being hospitalized a few months ago.

Sources close to Lamar tell us he hadn’t been able to move without a walker. We’re told Thursday Lamar ditched the walker and took three steps, shocking the docs.

Lamar has had limited range of motion in his hands, but during a recent visit from Khloe he was able to reach above his head to put his hood on … a BIG step. 

And that’s not all … his brain function is slowly improving. He was able to recognize a hospital staff member, which is significant considering at one point he couldn’t even recognize family.

We’re told Lamar will soon be moved to a rehab facility.

Keep praying!

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