B. Scott Bites: Orange and Dark Chocolate Granola

Orange-and-Dark-Chocolate-Granola-The Duo Dishes

Last week, we suggested an easy snack that could get you through the latter part of the day. Well, here is one that may work perfectly for your morning. It’s granola. Yes, you can make your own granola at home, and it is much easier than you think. The basic mixture involves your favorite combination of oats, nuts, dried fruits, a sweetener and maybe a little bit of chocolate or candy if that’s your thing. Admittedly, our version features a long list of ingredients, but you can scale it down to your liking. Use only one or two types of nuts, swap dried cranberries for raisins, use vegetable oil instead of the coconut oil, try honey instead of brown rice syrup. The best part about making your own granola is that the final product truly is your own recipe. Find the complete recipe for Orange and Dark Chocolate Granola at The Duo Dishes.

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