Azealia Banks Offers Apology to Lizzo, Insults 'Severely Overweight' Busta Rhymes |

Azealia Banks has issued an apology to Lizzo while also dragging Busta Rhymes in the process.

via: Uproxx

There’s a line between trolling and flat-out bashing. Unfortunately, “Chasing Time” rapper Azealia Banks either doesn’t know the difference or doesn’t care. Banks doesn’t subscribe to the motto: if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. In her online ramblings, she’s taken aim at several musicians, including Joe Budden, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Doja Cat, Iggy Azalea, Lana Del Rey, and more.

Now, she’s looking to clear the slate with one musician. In a series of posts on her official Instagram page, Banks issued an apology to Lizzo for her past remarks about her physique. “I was having a conversation last night and realized that I owe Lizzo a huge apology for popping so much sh*t,” wrote Banks.

That was where the brunt of Banks’ kindness ended. On the following note, she turned her attention to her former “Taste State” collaborator Busta Rhymes, where she made several inflammatory allegations.

“If hip-hop will a 55+ several overweight Busta Rhymes, who exhibits major signs of anabolic steroid abuse, adrenal gland failure, and constipation, and will also allow him to have a face full of blackheads and acne from what appears to be testosterone shot abuse… All whilst drinking molly water in 2023 and wearing cartoon-like neon yellow fake gold Slick Rick chains… We have absolutely no right to be trying to skewer a young Black woman for anything,” wrote Banks.

In the past, Banks’ highly offensive remarks have gotten her social media accounts suspended. This defamatory rant could garner the same result.

Neither Lizzo nor Busta Rhymes have responded to Azealia Banks’ comments.

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