Ashley Judd Trends as Cruel Trolls Mock Her Appearance, Dean Cain Denies Being One of Them [Video]

Dean Cain came under fire for criticizing her — but he claims it had nothing to do with her looks.

Ashley Judd was trending high on Twitter on Wednesday — but it wasn’t because of the political statement she made.

Elizabeth Warren posted a video of the actress endorsing her for President, but cruel Twitter trolls quickly emerged to mock her appearance and questioned how much “work she had done”.

But also trending on Twitter was prednisone, the medication Ashley previously revealed she takes to tackle sinus infection — which comes with the unfortunate side effect of puffy face.

Among her critics was her fellow actor Dean Cain; who reposted the video, announcing (somewhat contradictorily): “I’m not exactly sure what to say here… I certainly have nothing positive to say, so I’ll be quiet.”

Twitter users were quick to turn on him, blasting him for criticizing her on her appearance; but just as many replies to his tweet were more cruel jibes at the “Double Jeopardy” star.

However, Cain insisted his criticism had nothing to do with her looks, but rather her politics.

“I said nothing about her looks. My problem is she supports the policies of Elizabeth Warren—but you just keep going on, making up stories…” he wrote, fending off Judd’s defenders.

“I know her, and I’m very judgmental of her preferred candidate’s policies. They would directly and adversely affect the nation I love and call home. You can rant about her looks all you like— thats on you.”

Cain didn’t specify which policies he has a problem with, and fans were skeptical.

Although a self-proclaimed Independent, who insists he is pro-choice and pro same-sex marriage, Cain endorsed Republican candidates in the last two presidential elections — including Donald Trump.

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