Ashanti Says She Didn't Know Nelly Cut His Dad Off After She Hung Out With Him: 'I'm All About Family Sticking Together' [Video]

Ashanti caused a bit of a mess when she posted a video of her hanging out with her ex-boyfriend Nelly’s father over the weekend — but she says she wasn’t aware of the fallout.

via TMZ:

We got Ashanti Thursday at LAX and asked her if she thought her hang with Nelly’s dad is what made the rapper publicly eviscerate his pops. She seemed shocked when we told her about the fallout from her video. 

Ashanti told us she hopes the rift isn’t because of her, but it seems pretty clear, based on the timing … it is. 

She and Nelly dated for a decade, but broke up more than 3 years ago … so you’d think they would’ve moved on by now.

Ashanti brushed off the controversy by explaining her intentions, and also gave us some 411 on her joint LP with Ja Rule … which sounds like it’s going to be huge.

She’s got Twitter. She’s got Instagram. She knew.

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