Argument Over Masks in Michigan Store Leads to Knife Rampage, Police Shoot Suspect Dead in Dramatic Video

The frightening video shows the man charging with two knives and a screwdriver.

An argument over face masks in a Michigan store turned fatal on Tuesday.

According to state police Sean Ruis, 43, got into an altercation with a mask-wearing 77-year-old man at a Quality Dairy in Dimondale.

After being refused service for refusing to wear a mask, Ruis is said to have stabbed the 77-year-old and fled the store in a car.

A deputy from Eaton County Sheriff’s Office tracked the car down and pulled it over; their fatal encounter was captured both by police body cam, and by nearby surveillance camera.

After getting out of his car, the officer tells Ruis multiple times to drop the weapons; he just keeps slowly advancing, two knives in one hand and a screwdriver in the other, repeating her commands back at her.

When he is within a few feet he suddenly lunges at her, and she unloads at least five rounds.

But Ruis keeps coming, and even manages to get a hand on her gun. In the split second he stoops to pick up one of his dropped blades, the officer quickly empties another six rounds into him, before he finally crumples to the ground.

“She backed away from him while repeatedly ordering him to drop the weapon, but he continued to advance and attack and she acted in defense of her life,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Ruis was taken to the hospital, but died during surgery.

The 77-year-old stabbing victim was also hospitalized in serious condition.

“Our thoughts and prayers are for the full recovery of the victim who was stabbed at the Quality Dairy and for his family, and are with our Deputy who was subsequently violently attacked,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

“They are also with the family of Mr. Ruis who was killed in this senseless, tragic incident.”

Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich said the deputy involved is on administrative leave, as is standard with all officers involved in shootings; he said that while she was not harmed, the photographs show just how close she came to being.

“It’s very unfortunate she had to use her weapon, but she saved her life. I mean, that’s the most important thing right here,” he said. “She had to use deadly force, and she did it properly.”

“I’m glad she wasn’t hurt in any way. Mentally? That’s to be determined.”

On Friday, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a statewide executive order requiring any businesses open to the public to refuse entry or service to people who refuse to wear a face covering.

The Sheriff admitted on Tuesday there was a possibility of more violent incidents between people on either side of the face mask divide.

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