[Updated] Apollo Nida Doesn't Want His Kids to Visit Him in Prison


Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks are finally agreeing on something — they don’t want their kids to visit their father in prison.

via TMZ:

Apollo’s been moved to a new facility and his children — 2 year-old Dylan and 5 year-old Ayden — haven’t gotten approval to see him.  Also Phaedra Parks thinks seeing him behind bars is too much for the kids.

Turns out Apollo and Phaedra are in agreement … Sources close to Apollo tell us he also believes it would be too traumatic for the kids to see him there so the best solution is FaceTime.

Apollo’s serving an 8-year sentence and he thinks when his kids get a little older they can come visit.

We wonder what changed his mind…

Update: According to his Instagram, he says it’s all lies.

@tmz_tv REALLY?? “One lie after another” #Fake #UnreliableSource #Bullshit #Propaganda

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