Anti-Masker Cites A Bug's Life As He is Hauled Out of Disney Park [Video]

That’s not what they meant by Park Hopper.

If you’re going to use Disney logic to counter Disney — maybe don’t quote the main villain?

But that’s what one anti-masker tried as he was hauled out of Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida on Tuesday, as he attempted to ignite a rebellion by screaming misquotes from “A Bug’s Life”.

“Remember the movie that came out at Walt Disney World? It was called ‘A Bug’s Life!'” he roared at bemused fellow park-goers, as he is escorted out of the park by a team of security for not wearing a mask.

“Remember Hopper? He said: ‘If one guy stands up, one ant stands up!'”

In the 1998 Pixar film, bad guy Hopper, voiced by Kevin Spacey, and his gang of evil grasshoppers bully a colony of ants into providing them food.

He, and only he, understands that the ants outnumber them 100 to 1, and can easily overwhelm them if they are not kept in check through fear.

“You let one ant stand up to us, and they ALL might stand up,” he explains in this rather dark stand-out scene of the film. “If they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life.”

According to WDWNT, who first posted the video, witnesses said the man also insisted: “I’m not crazy! I have a wife and two kids!”

Sadly, while Hopper’s speech stirred the grasshoppers into an albeit ultimately ill-fated attack on the ant colony, there didn’t seem to be many takers for the ant-y mask insurrection, whose leader cut a lonely figure as he was marched out alone.

Having been closed since March amid the coronavirus pandemic, Disney began a gradual reopening of its parks in July, with lots of new Covid safety measures in place — including mandatory masks for guests aged 2 and up.

Its California parks however remain closed, as it awaits guidance from state officials.

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