Anthony Anderson Weighs in on Nate Parker Rape Scandal: 'He's a Great Guy...That's What We Should Focus On' [Video]

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Did you know Anthony Anderson’s past involves a dismissed rape case?

We honestly had no idea — until now. Anthony was asked his thoughts on Nate Parker’s rape scandal and how it’s affecting the release of ‘Birth of a Nation.’

Anthony didn’t say too much, but he did say that Nate’s a ‘great actor’ and ‘that’s what we should focus on.’

via TMZ:

We caught up with the “Black-ish” star Thursday in Bev Hills and asked if it’s fair Parker’s 1999 rape trial — which ended with his acquittal — is now affecting the biggest film of his life.

Anthony was himself accused of rape by an extra on “Hustle & Flow” in 2004, but the case was dismissed due to what the judge called “suspicious testimony” from the alleged victim.

So, Anthony’s take on Parker’s situation — focus on the man’s work.


See what all Anthony had to say below.

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