Another One: Rhode Island 'Karen' Pops Off After a Man Drives a Pickup Truck Past Her House [Video]

A Rhode Island ‘Karen’ chased down a few men in a pickup truck and caused a huge scene — all because they drove past her house.

via TMZ:

The latest ‘Karen’ — AKA a sign everyone’s losing their minds — pulled up to the Apponaug Marina in Warwick, RI and went on a profanity-laced tirade about the truck … “I don’t care how fast you were going, stop driving past my house with that piece of s**t!”

She added … “I bet you live in a s**thole too. Do you live in your f***ing truck, you piece of s**t?!”

The collateral damage here is a poor guy named¬†Barry, who “Karen” apparently knows — she turned her rage on him, demanding he be responsible for keeping the men in the pickup truck away from her neighborhood.

She even told Barry if he didn’t, there’d be “hell to pay!”

When Barry didn’t budge, she called the police … and mistakenly thought she knew the 2 men. We reached out to the Warwick police, who tell us cops did receive a call for a “motor vehicle offense” and interviewed the parties involved. There were no arrests or charges, and everyone left.

Still no explanation of her pickup truck phobia.

Watch the video below.

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