Another One: 'Karen' Demands to See Lawnscaper's Immigration Papers [Video]

Another day, another Karen.

A California woman prevented a landscaper from finishing his job by standing in his way and demanding to see his immigration documents.

via TMZ:

She just stands there, repeating her demand that he show her his papers.

The landscaper, Juan Andrade, claims she’s harassed him before, allegedly telling him to go back to his country. He says this time he wanted to get it all on video … and he did just that.

Juan was trying to mow the lawn at the Rancho Mirage apartment building … just outside of Palm Springs. He’s been a landscaper here for 10 years, but that didn’t matter to Karen, who planted herself firmly and refused to move, all the while asking him to show proof he was in this country legally.

Again … Karen knew she was being recorded, but that didn’t stop her one bit from acting like a rouge ICE agent.

Juan thinks Karen won’t apologize, because he believes in her head she did nothing wrong.

The question is — did she expect him to have them in his pocket? If he did or didn’t — what exactly was she going to do?

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