Another One: Director James Toback Accused By More than 38 Women of Sexual Harassment

Director James Toback –most famous for films like ‘Two Girls and a Guy’ — has been accused of sexual harassment by over 38 women — and counting.

via TMZ:

The Los Angeles Times posted the story Sunday, in which 38 women accuse Toback of decades-long sexual harassment … much of it similar in nature to the accusations against Harvey Weinstein.

According to the report, Toback would bring young women into a private space on the pretense of audition talks or a promise of fame … and then proceed to ask intimate questions. He’d then allegedly dry-hump them or masturbate in front of them.

As we’ve reported … Weinstein’s been accused of comparable behavior.

Toback has denied the allegations, saying he either never met any of the 30-plus women who’ve accused him … or only had brief encounters with them. He also claimed to the Times he was medically incapable of such behavior, citing diabetes and a heart condition.

The director is best known for early films he did with Robert Downey Jr. such as ‘Two Girls,’ “The Pick-Up Artist,” and “Black and White” … as well as 2008’s “Tyson,” and 2014’s “The Gambler.” 

The only silver lining to this Weinstein scandal is that now women are beginning to find comfort in each other and are willing to speak up. It’s never too late.

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