Angela Simmons Gets Set Up with Sister's Costar In 'Growing Up Hip Hop' Sneak Peek [Video]

Angela admits he’s cute … but are they compatible?

Could Vanessa Simmons’ “TV husband” become her sister’s real life man?

That’s what Vanessa is clearly hoping for in this sneak peek clip at tonight’s “Growing Up Hip Hop,” in which Angela Simmons stops by the set of her sister’s latest project, only to find herself left alone with costar Blue Kimble.

“You want me to just entertain your sister?” Blue asks as Vanessa leaves the room. “What is this, Chippendales?” asks Angela, before laughing so hard she ends up snorting.

As past footage shows, her family says her snorts only come out “if she’s into a guy.”

Admitting she thinks Kimble is “kinda cute” in a confessional, Angela says she knows Vanessa only had her come to set “because she wants to set me up with Blue.” She adds, “I have a gut feeling that’s what she’s trying to do.”

With that in mind, she then tries to see just how compatible they are by asking him for his astrological sign and seeing if the two would make for a good match. Turns out, they are, as her search says they’d be “a sweetly matched pair that can become wholly devoted to one another.”

“We in love!” Blue exclaims upon hearing the news.

Check out “Growing Up Hip Hop” tonight on WE tv to see if something more develops!

[via TooFab]

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