Andy Cohen Explains Why He Said He Didn't Know Kathy Griffin: 'Aren't There Much More Important Things?'

Andy Cohen caused a bit of a problem for himself when he told photographers that he ‘didn’t know’ Kathy Griffin — even though he’s replacing her on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper this year.

Kathy then took to YouTube to blast Andy, alleging he offered her cocaine on two occasions and that he was a misogynistic boss.

Andy took to his SiriusXM radio show on Monday to explain why he made the joke about Kathy in the first place.

via People:

“All I have to say about the mishegas of this weekend, and I only have one thing to say about this bag of bulls— … it’s so funny, because I was on my way to have lunch with [Watch What Happens Live writer and radio co-host] John Hill in L.A. for his birthday when TMZ approached me,” Cohen said on Monday’s episode of his SiriusXM radio show, Andy Cohen Live.

In order to “avoid getting involved” with the TMZ paparazzo, Cohen said he decided to “quote the great Mariah Carey, which is funny in my mind.”

“And stupid!” he added. “Something that is so innocuous and dumb, so it’s the classic ‘I don’t know her.’ ” (In the TMZ video, Cohen repeatedly smiled and said, “Who? I don’t know her,” in regards to Griffin, a quip referencing Carey’s infamous remark about not knowing who Jennifer Lopez is.)

“Well, here is the deal,” Cohen continued. “Usually with TMZ, you’re walking and you say your thing and you get in your car. Well, my driver parked on the second level of the parking lot. So we’re standing there all that time waiting for the elevator, and that’s why it kept going on and on. And I didn’t really know how to pivot in the conversation. Like, ‘What, what, I don’t know!’ So I failed my Mariah impression. “

“Then I came and met you for lunch,” he continued, addressing Hill. “Did I even mention what happened? Because that’s how confident I was that nothing had happened. You guys, this was not … I did not think, ‘Oh, this is going to blow up’ whatsoever. I went and had lunch.” 

“So I didn’t land that ‘I don’t know her’ [joke],” he continued. “But can I ask you a question? If you were a comedian and someone said, ‘I don’t know you,’ and it was obvious, like, aren’t there much more important things? How offensive is that in the galaxy?”

“We will have this conversation — you, John, me, and everyone who listens to Radio Andy, when the moment is right,” he promised. “I’m going to reserve an hour, okay? And we’re going to talk about it. And I’m going to spill the tea all over myself. But I’m not having it today. We will have it. Because I owe it to everybody who’s listening. And myself. I’m a truth teller, okay?”

Hill joked that Cohen should “indict” Griffin.

“Yeah, I’m going to be handing out indictments like [Robert] Mueller,” quipped Cohen, 49. “Like a f—ing Housewife at a reunion show. Bitches.”

Whose side are you on?

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