Andrew Cuomo and His Alleged Nipple Ring Are Taking Over Twitter [Photos]

“We must, as New Yorkers, join together and find out whether or not our governor has his nipple/s pierced.”

Andrew Cuomo has been widely praised for his unwavering vigilance during the coronavirus pandemic as Governor of New York.

And while keeping his citizens and the entire country abreast of the dire situation in the Big Apple during daily press briefings, fans have thrown around the idea of the Democratic leader running for President, as even his brother, Chris Cuomo, asked about the possibility of it on Monday during an interview on CNN.

Which begs another question — would Cuomo be the first leader of the free world with pierced nipples? The inquiry comes as photographs of the 62-year-old from Friday’s briefing had scores on social media theorizing that the oddly shaped lumps under his shirt may be jewelry affixed to his chest.

“We must, as New Yorkers, join together and find out whether or not our governor has his nipple/s pierced. Pls urgently confirm,” begged one concerned resident, while another posted, “every time i think my brain cant get any worse something like the phrase ‘andrew cuomo nipple ring’ comes along.”

Eagle-eyed followers pointed out that he wore the same white polo shirt at three different events over the past few years, but none of the snaps had anything in the nipple region looking out of the ordinary.

Some contributed the alleged areola adornment to Cuomo living his best bachelor life after recently splitting with his Food Network star girlfriend, Sandra Lee, last September.

“Andrew Cuomo’s nipple ring is just a powerful new level of being divorced,” shared a Twitter user.

Not all were amused at the idea of Cuomo flaunting dolled-up nipples during such a somber time, as one critic wrote, “Andrew Cuomo looked disgusting–nipple piercings protruding–in his white shirt before Emergency Room Physicians. Very very disrespectful.”

However, the wording of the tongue in cheek tweet was likely referring to Donald Trump’s tweet from December 11, 2011, where he wrote, “Barney Frank looked disgusting–nipples protruding–in his blue shirt before Congress. Very very disrespectful.”

TooFab has reached out to the Governor’s team to get to the bottom of this new Nipplegate.

Alas, even if he did have an affinity for some metal-clad chest accessories, there is little to no documentation on the bejeweled body modifications of former Presidents such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or Jimmy Carter to prove Cuomo would be numero uno with a nipple ring at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Unfortunately — or fortunately, whichever way one is leaning — it looks like the question will remain unanswered as Cuomo told his brother he would not be seeking a presidential bid.

In more serious news, Chris revealed on Tuesday he tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, the CNN reporter assured the public he would still be doing his show from his basement.

[via TooFab]

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