Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Spotted Together at Easter Celebration in Calabasas [Photos]


Less than a week after declaring her undying love for her ex-husband, Amber Rose (with a new blue hairdo), Wiz Khalifa and their two-year-old son Sebastian were spotted together celebrating Easter.

Amber and Wiz attended Tamar Braxton’s Easter celebration in Calabasas, California, where they were photographed talking to one another away from party guests.

According to TMZ, guests at the celebration say that Amber and Wiz were very affectionate and were even spotted hugging several times.

Could the two be getting back together, or are they simply working to make coparenting a success? Either way, these new photos are a far cry from their very public feud dating back just a few weeks.

We have our fingers crossed for Amber and Wiz.

Side note: are we loving Amber’s blue hair or nah?

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