Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Reportedly Land Their Own Show on MTV


BFFs Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are reportedly getting their own show on MTV — a show that reportedly WON’T be ratchet.

via TMZ:

We’re told it’s close to being a done deal with contracts on the table.

Both women have a lot in common … recently single, working mothers with high-profile rappers for baby daddys and money in the bank. They also have past love affairs with the stripper pole.

Sources close to production say the show won’t be ratchet … it’ll focus on Amber and Chyna taking care of their kids while juggling work, including club appearances.

No word if either of their famous exes Wiz Khalifa or Tyga — who already has a show on MTV2 — will be involved, but it wouldn’t hurt ratings.

Amber has a great personality, so we’re sure it’ll make for good TV. If played right, this could be a good look for the both of them.

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