Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa Want You to Know They're NOT Back Together


When Amber Rose attended Wiz Khalifa’s album launch party last week, the two looked super lovey-dovey and I think everyone was  kind of hoping for a rekindled romance.

Despite the two exes getting along, they’re making it clear they’re just friends.

via TMZ:

Our sources who are extremely close to both Wiz and Amber tell us the 2 have buried the hatchet and get along as friends for the first time in a long time … but that’s it.

They’re a little offended that Kanye‘s taking credit for bringing them together … the whole “common enemy” thing. They say the truce has nothing to do with him. They just realized their son would suffer if they continued their war over him.

It seems the Kanye/Wiz/Amber war cemented their new bond, so maybe Kanye is a little responsible.

We’ll always root for love, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed this is the first step towards reconciliation.

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