Amanda Bynes Tries to Board Airplane Without ID, Tells Crew to 'Google Her'

amanda bynes nyc

This might be the only time in recent weeks someone stopped Amanda Bynes from getting high — on a plane, that is.

Amanda Bynes was denied from getting on a plane this past Sunday because she didn’t have an ID. She then told the pilot to Google her.

Amanda is denying anything happened — but sources at Teterboro Airport tell us, Bynes (wearing a velour jumpsuit and giant glasses) showed up at the private jet terminal on Sunday for a flight to L.A..

According to sources, the pilot was checking passenger IDs — it’s a really small terminal — and Bynes revealed her driver’s license¬†had been suspended¬†… and she had no other form of government ID.

We’re told the pilot informed Bynes she needed a form of government ID to fly — per TSA regulations — and she then ordered him to Google her as proof, screaming, “I’m Amanda Bynes!”

The pilot called someone from the jet company to see if they could get some kind of exemption for her, but the jet rep was adamant … no ID, no flight … and that was that.

via TMZ

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