Amanda Bynes Spotted Bouncing on a Trampoline, She Denies It Was Her [Photos]

Amanda Bynes Lovebscott 3

Well, this is definitely an alternative way to ‘get high’.

Amanda Bynes was spotted having some fun jumping on trampolines at Sky Zone in Buffalo, NY. Everything seems to be fine and normal…except Amanda denies she was ever there, despite being photographed several times.

Witnesses say Amanda was disheveled, frantic and distracted when she arrived around 7:15PM, asking guests to delete pictures and bumbling around during the tutorial.

“She wasn’t really listening,” fellow patron Christopher Zukas tells TMZ. “She kept leaving the group to go set stuff down and would come back. During the jumping she wasn’t able to follow the rules and was even knocked over by a fitness instructor teaching a class.”

Other witnesses say she calmed down after 20 minutes and happily bounced for about an hour — seemed to be having fun — then left in a waiting car.

The facility even confirmed she was there, but signed in under the name “Laura Bynes”. The craziest thing about this entire situation is Amanda’s denial:

THAT’S NOT ME! I’m so sick of fake fans such as Perez Hilton! Send the picture to me privately first to confirm that it’s me! I’ve never been to SkyZone! That looks nothing like me! I don’t own a brown wig!

If she doesn’t own a brown wig, then what is this?

Amanda Bynes Brunette Lovebscott

Oh, Amanda….

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