Amanda Bynes Offered Her Own Playboy Radio Show

amanda bynes

According to TMZ, Playboy Radio is offering Amanda Bynes her own radio show. If it’s anything like her Twitter feed, it’s sure to be super outlandish!

Playboy Radio offered Amanda a guest hosting gig yesterday — but now, a rep for the station tells TMZ, execs want her around FULL-TIME … and have officially submitted an offer for Amanda to host her OWN hour-long daily radio show.

The offer is for a one-week trial … but if all goes well, we’re told Amanda can extend the deal to a full year.

Playboy’s pulling out all the stops to make her feel welcome too — we’re told the org. is willing to provide Bynes with a driver to take her to work … as well as her very own producer to handle the show’s logistics.

FYI — Bynes became a breakout star on “All That” back in the day thanks to the popularity of her “Ask Ashley” sketches … when she would give crazy advice to fans.

We’ve reached out to Bynes to see if there’s any interest in the Playboy gig — so far, no word back.

Would you be tuning in?

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