Amanda Bynes Likely on Streets for Days, Psychiatric Hold to be Extended

Amanda Bynes will likely spend an extended period of time getting the psychiatric care she needs.

via: New York Post

Amanda Bynes seemed “out of it” and might have lived on the streets for days before she was spotted naked in downtown LA, according to a report.

Bynes flagged down a car and called the police on herself on March 19. She was then placed on a 72-hour involuntary psychiatric hold that has since been extended for at least another week, TMZ reported. She appeared to be making improvements.

Sources shared a timeline leading up to Bynes’ hold. Bynes’ car was towed on March 15 in Long Beach, California, according to the outlet.

However, the area was about 40 miles from her home and roughly 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles where she was found.

An insider added that Bynes probably took public transportation or hitchhiked from Long Beach to get to various places.

On March 18, an eyewitness saw an “out of it” but still clothed Bynes walking in Hollywood.

Someone also alleged that the “Hairspray” actress asked someone for a ride to Beverly Hills and then asked to go back to Hollywood.

The next day, Bynes wandered the streets of downtown LA naked before getting help.

Bynes was also spotted in a fan’s TikTok video on Monday. The fan reportedly encountered Bynes on March 17

@kaitlynhotfox #amandabynes ???? happy shes getting the help she needs. she was sweet, gave her some money and talked. sometime ppl just sb to talk to. #fyp #goviral #foryoupage ? original sound – kaitlyn

In the video, Bynes sports a black outfit and says, “What’s up?”

The TikToker explained that she had seen Bynes walking in Hollywood on St. Patrick’s Day and “I had to say ‘What’s up?’ ”

The poster then wrote in the caption, “Happy shes [sic] getting the help she needs. she was sweet, gave her some money and talked. sometime ppl [sic] just sb [sic] to talk to.”

Bynes was previously scheduled to make an appearance at ’90s Con over the weekend, however, she dropped out due to an undisclosed illness.

She had been set to reunite with her “All That” castmates Kel Mitchell, Danny Tamberelli, Lori Beth Denberg and Kenan Thompson.

Her ex-fiancé, Paul Michael, told Page Six on Monday that Bynes is “off her meds” and is “wild.”

It was also reported on Tuesday that Bynes’ parents aren’t considering another conservatorship despite recent events.

A source told TMZ that Lynn and Rick Bynes were relieved when their daughter was able to call the police on herself.

Bynes announced her hiatus from acting in 2010 when rumors of substance abuse surfaced. Following a very public breakdown, she was put under a conservatorship in August 2013 — which ended a year ago today on March 22, 2022.

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