Amanda Bynes' Family Won't Allow Her to Get Married, Doesn't Approve of Her Jobless Fiancé and Says Her Ring Was $49 From Amazon

Amanda Bynes may be newly-engaged and happy — but her family certainly doesn’t have the same joy.

According to family sources, Amanda won’t ever legally marry fiancé Paul Michael because her mother is her conservator and does NOT approve.

via TMZ:

Our sources say the family feels it’s not in her best interest to be married — they haven’t met Paul — so a wedding ain’t happening.

As for the engagement ring … our sources say Paul bought it off Amazon for $49, and Amanda is telling those around her the ring is NOT a real diamond and she’s fine with a fake.

As you know … Amanda met Paul in AA and they’ve only been dating for a few months. She introduced him to her fans on social media by calling him “drop-dead gorgeous” and the “best person on the face of the Earth.” She also says they’ve both been sober for over a year.

Our sources say her family believes Paul doesn’t have a job. Amanda had a boyfriend right before him, and we’re told her family thinks he might be a rebound.

Of course we wish happiness for everyone, but considering Amanda’s history — her family might be on the right side of this.

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