Amanda Bynes Could Spend The Next Year in A Mental Health Facility


Amanda Bynes could be spending the next year in a mental health facility, but it’s not likely.

According to TMZ, doctors at the facility where Amanda has been held asked for a long-term hold, and they got it.  The doctors then transferred control of the hold to Amanda’s mother, who is currently the temporary conservator.

They say that it isn’t likely Amanda will be held for a year, but instead the plan is to keep her in a facility for 60 days to stabilize her and then transfer Amanda to her mom’s home.

She’s currently headed to UCLA Medical Center for the long-term hold.

Amanda’s publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, has released a statement to Entertainment Tonight.

“Despite some reports, Amanda is improving daily and responding well,” Jaxson told Entertainment Tonight in a statement. “There is still a long road ahead, and that doesn’t mean being confined to a locked-down treatment center. Amanda is in the best hands presently, medically, and each day her condition is being monitored. There is not a set release date, but with the great track she is on presently, she will be out of a lockdown facility and continuing to recover elsewhere in the near future.”

Jaxson notes that the star is “responding and cooperating with doctors and staff quite well,” but confirmed that her parents are trying to continue her conservatorship. “Her parents love her dearly and still are hoping to continue conservatorship after Sept. 30,” he said.

Prayers for Amanda.

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