Aimee Carrero Gets Dragged on Twitter for Taking Joke As Death Threat

This is the bizarre reason #IStandWithLesbianBabadook is trending.

Someone threatened to Kill She-Ra — and it wasn’t Hordak for a change.

Aimee Carrero got herself into a bizarre Twitter spat on Thursday when she took what appeared to be a harmless joke as a credible death threat.

It all kicked off when a Twitter user named @LesbianBabadook posted a meme of a young child holding a gun and crying, with the caption “When the class wars start and I gotta put the voice of she-ra in a guillotine.”

Despite the fact the user appeared to be a fan, and a class war is unlikely, and working guillotines are very rare nowadays, and it was an obvious reference to the French Revolution — Aimee didn’t find it very funny.

“Death threats from “fans” are super fun!” she wrote on Twitter, sharing a link to the tweet.

Predicting — correctly — that Lesbian Babadook would delete the tweet, the 31-year-old posted a screengrab, telling her 43k followers: “She’s so brave to block me. Here is the tweet in case she deletes it.”

Despite many, many people pointing out it was a joke, the Netflix star wasn’t backing down.

“Here’s how it works: you post about slicing my head off with a guillotine, or any other scenario that ends in my death…you’re getting reposted,” she wrote. “Don’t want that for you? Don’t make ‘jokes’ about killing me. It couldn’t be simpler.”

She then went on to have a conversation with herself, shooting down all the above arguments.

“‘bUt iTz a MeMe!’ Yes, a meme…about killing me. ‘nO, nO, iTs a ReFereNcE tO ThE FrEncH reVolUTiOn.’ yes…in which you chop my head off. ‘sHe sAid ShE wOuLd bE SAD 2 kILL yOu!’ …and would do it anyway.”

One follower mused that maybe her inability to get the joke was a generational thing, but Aimee — who is also the voice of Disney’s first Latina princess, Elena of Avalor — tripled down.

“As someone who gets death threats frequently — I can tell you it doesn’t translate to have to envision your own head on a guillotine,” she replied.

It seems she struggled to convince many people of her plight however, as the hashtag #IStandWithLesbianBabadook was soon trending.

Many commentators reposted an example of how the joke should be taken, when skateboard legend Tony Hawk replied to a similar meme posted about him back in 2018: “I appreciate the hesitation though.”

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