Adrien Broner Arrested for DUI, Found Passed Out Behind the Wheel

Boxing star Adrien Broner was arrested for DUI late Friday night in Miami Beach.

via TMZ:

Officers responded to the call of a male driver passed out behind the wheel of a black Rolls-Royce SUV.

Cops say when they responded to the scene, they found the SUV — with the engine running — in the middle of traffic … with Broner “unconscious, but breathing” in the driver’s seat.

Cops say they tried to bang on the window to wake Broner up — but ultimately needed to shake the car to get a response from Adrien.

Once he woke up, a confused Broner rolled down his window, and a cop reached inside the car and put it in park.

Officers ultimately got Broner out of the vehicle and noticed he had a “low, slurred speech and bloodshot/watery eyes.”

Cops administered a field sobriety test — Broner did not perform well — and he was arrested on site.

At least he didn’t injure or kill anyone with his reckless behavior.

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