Adele FaceTimes A Frustrated Fan Who Tried And Failed To See On Three Separate Occasions

Adele transformed fans’ moods from devastated to delighted, courtesy of that technological innovation known as FaceTime.

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Earlier this week, Adele shared disappointing news: The singer had to postpone her upcoming Las Vegas residency due to plans “destroyed by delivery delays and COVID.” She fought back tears while sharing the news, but there’s one fan who was especially frustrated. Eleni Sabracos took to TikTok to reveal that she missed out on Adele in concert on not one, not two, but three separate occasions.

“I bought tickets to see Adele at Madison Square Garden, but they were fake tickets,” Sabracos said, showing a picture of herself outside Madison Square Garden with a custom-made T-shirt. “But nobody felt bad for me because I bought them off Craigslist so that was my own doing.” Sabracos then jumped to 2017, when Adele was set to host a show in London. Sabracos said she bought tickets that placed her in the “Golden Circle,” which directly surrounded the stage. Unfortunately, that attempt to see Adele was also unsuccessful.

“She canceled her show,” Sabracos said. “Mind you, I risked my life flying to London on this cardboard airplane called WOW Airlines that is now discontinued. The only thing ‘wow’ about it was it was surprising that the airplane could fly.”

Sabracos’ third and most recent attempt to see Adele came after her brother surprised her this past Christmas with tickets to Adele’s Las Vegas residency, which was set to begin on January 21. “I am in Vegas right now, and Adele canceled her show again,” she concluded before letting off a scream from the balcony of her Las Vegas hotel.



? original sound – Eleni

In an update Sabracos later shared on her TikTok, she can be seen facetiming Adele, sharing a heartfelt moment that included the singer repeatedly apologizing for the postponed residency. She also promised to bring Adele one of her custom-made t-shirts. Sabracos concluded the video by yelling “I just facetimed Adele!” as she walked through the Las Vegas city streets.

@elenisabracos Reply to @finneas ? original sound – Eleni

Sabracos’ original video made its rounds on social media, and eventually Finneas caught wind of it and gave her a sweet deal. “I’m in Vegas right now’ had me DYING,” he commented on the video before adding, “If you ever want tickets to a show, lemme know! Hopefully we won’t cancel [laughing face emoji].” In response, Sabracos wrote, “I WILL BE THERE WITH FUNNY SHIRTS FOR YOU, CLAUDIA, BILLIE, AND PEACHES. LET ME KNOW WHERE, WHEN, AND HOW.”

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