Aaron, Nick Carter’s Mom Arrested for Battery After TV Volume Dispute: Report

Nick and Aaron Carter’s mom Jane Schneck ended up in jail after allegedly arguing with her husband over their television’s remote control.

via: Page Six

In jail records obtained Wednesday by Page Six, Schneck was charged with one count of battery Friday night.

She posted a $100 bond, and was released from custody at Hernando County Detention Center Saturday morning.

TMZ was the first to report the news.

Schneck found herself embroiled in a verbal argument after an evening of drinking, with the disagreement soon turning physical, according to the outlet.

Law enforcement sources told the outlet that the TV’s volume bothered her husband who had trouble falling asleep.

They then had a confrontation over the TV remote, prompting a heated exchange that saw Schneck allegedly grab her husband’s wrist, the outlet adds.

Schneck’s husband then called the police after she touched him.

Soon after cops arrived at her Florida home, they obtained video footage of the exchange recorded on her husband’s phone and arrested her for battery.

Meanwhile, Schneck’s son Nick is facing legal woes of his own.

The Backstreet Boys member was slapped with a sexual assault and battery lawsuit filed by former Dream singer Melissa Schuman.

Nick was accused of performing oral sex on Schuman in 2003 against her will, and forcing her to reciprocate.

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