Aaron Carter’s Family Says He Didn’t Drown in Tub Amid Drug Deal Mystery

Aaron Carter was found dead in his bathtub.

via: New York Post

Aaron Carter’s family believe his death was not caused by drowning in his bathtub — but rather from an overdose after a drug deal gone wrong.

The troubled singer died at the age of 34 on November 5. A Los Angeles sheriff’s spokesperson told The Post that deputies responded to Carter’s residence at 10:58 a.m. local time and found a deceased person.

A cause of death was not released — but sources said at the time Carter was discovered in his bathtub after a 911 call was made about a “drowning.”

Now, his fiancée Melanie Martin and mother Jane Carter have told TMZ that the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office informed them that there was no water found in Carter’s lungs — ruling out drowning as a potential cause of death.

The Post has reached out to Carter family reps for comment.

Martin — who recently regained full custody of their 1-year-old son Prince — claims she found text messages on her late fiancé’s phone with a conversation about owing an unidentified person $800 for an unknown substance.

She said Carter had told the person he didn’t need the drug anymore, and the person responded that the money was still owed. Carter allegedly responded asking if he was being threatened — but the conversation ended there.

Martin told TMZ that she met with investigators last week and submitted the text messages as evidence. She also joined Carter’s mom in revealing that the coroner is still waiting on toxicology results to determine what substances were in the late teen idol’s system when he died — and the family wants law enforcement to investigate the alleged drug deal the night of Aaron’s death.

Carter’s family now believes that he possibly met up with the unknown person prior to his death and could have taken a drug that led to his death.

Martin previously told Page Six that Carter “didn’t know how to escape his demons” and would often get “suckered” into partying — which was a struggle for him while trying to maintain sobriety.

Cops were called to Carter’s LA home in November following a 911 call made about a drowning. They found his body in his tub with the jets still running.

Law enforcement believe Carter’s body must have been in the tub for a long period of time due to the water being an unnatural color as well as the smell of decomposition.

Cops reportedly found prescription pill bottles as well as multiple cans of compressed air in the singer’s bathroom and bedroom, law enforcement sources previously told TMZ.

Carter’s death certificate released in November revealed that the singer was cremated and indicated that an autopsy was performed — but the cause of death was deferred at the time.

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