Five Simple Spring Cleaning Tips


As we enter into February, we get closer and closer into spring cleaning season. If you like me, you’ll feel the urge to get started a little sooner than most. Here’s a few handy tips to make the most out of your spring cleaning adventures!

  1. Make A Reasonable Plan – Sounds simple enough, right? If you’re the only one cleaning a 4-bedroom house, don’t expect to get it all done in two days. Be honest with yourself and set logical and achievable goals. If you know you can’t stay away from or other websites during the day, schedule yourself an hour of computer time. That way you’re able to minimize looming distractions and focus on the tasks at hand.
  2. Check Your Supplies – There’s nothing worse than being in your ‘zone’ ready to tackle a project and realizing you’re unprepared. Chances are, if you have to stop cleaning to run to Target and pickup cleaning supplies, you’ll return 3 hours later with even more unnecessary stuff! Make sure you know exactly what you’ll be cleaning and the supplies required BEFORE you start.
  3. Start With The Clutter – I know it’s tempting to get right down to the dirt, but do yourself a favor and eliminate clutter first! Remove all unnecessary objects from the area before you start, you might even save yourself some time having less items to clean. Plus, you’ll save yourself the embarrassment of a guest accidentally moving something you simply cleaned around!
  4. Clean From Top to Bottom – Gravity is an amazing thing. Sweeping the floor and then dusting the ceiling fan doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
  5. Open The Windows – You’ll be amazed at what fresh air can do for your house and your spirit! It’s a great natural way to freshen up textiles and normally enclosed areas! Not to mention, it may prompt you to get outside and enjoy the day when you’re finished! Maybe even do a little exercise? *giggles*
I hope you find some of these tips helpful! Double kisses! xoxo
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