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6ix9ine Gym Attack Suspect Reportedly Latin Kings Member

One of the three men arrested for attacking 6ix9ine has ties to the Latin Kings gang.

via Complex:

TMZ reports that the oldest man who was arrested, 43-year-old Rafael Medina Jr., is a high-ranking member of the gang. The Palm Beach County Sheriff said that the Gang Unit Detectives also believe Medina Jr. is the president of the Latin King’s Balm Beach County Chapter, with evidence showing that he bears the title “Inca.”

Medina Jr. apparently was involved in a federal gang RICO case in the mid-2000s, in connection with the Latin Kings, and was found guilty on felony charges. The sheriff additionally revealed that the Latin Kings are connected to the Bloods Gang—the same crew that 69 snitched on in his federal case.

Tekashi was assaulted and robbed at an LA Fitness in Florida on March 21; he was subsequently hospitalized after sustaining injuries to his jaw, back, and ribs. Three men were captured on footage and later arrested for the attack: Medina Jr., his son, Octavious Medina, and Anthony Maldonado. They’re accused of stealing 6ix9ine’s $3,000 Balenciaga shoes, an iPhone, and the $1,200 key fob to his Lamborghini.

Maldonado, who is a member at the LA Fitness location, signed in Ocatvious as a guest, and he got his father into the gym. The rapper wasn’t with his bodyguard at the time and it seems he’s not worried about being attacked again, viewing the attack as a one-time incident.

6ix9ine would be better off starting a new life in another country. They’re going to be on his ass for the rest of his life.

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