50 Cent Reportedly Wants Part Of The $300 Million ‘Power’ Lawsuit Thrown Out Because He Feels The Claims Are ‘Untimely’ | lovebscott.com

50 Cent Reportedly Wants Part Of The $300 Million ‘Power’ Lawsuit Thrown Out Because He Feels The Claims Are ‘Untimely’

About two years ago, a former drug lord by the name of Cory “Ghost” Holland Sr filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent and producer Courtney, claiming that the Starz Power series was made about his life story.

via: Uproxx

In court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Jackson and his attorneys reportedly want to have one lawsuit tossed out due to its delayed filing. Back in March, Corey Holland named Jackson in two lawsuits. The first filing, worth $1 billion, accused Jackson, Courtney Kemp, and the Starz Network of using his life’s story, even down to his nickname of Ghost, as the foundation for their Power series.

In the second case, this one for $300 million, Holland alleged Jackson intentionally inflicted emotional distress upon him. According to Holland, Jackson at one point even physically assaulted him, and Starz’s parent company, Lionsgate Entertainment, didn’t make any effort to stop it. Jackson hasn’t released a public statement regarding the matter. However, in the responding legal paperwork, Jackson’s attorneys agree that the timing of Holland’s filing should be examined further.

“The alleged conduct—Jackson ‘came to plaintiff home and neighborhood’—took place over a year before this Action was commenced,” the documents read. “Around late July or early August 2021, Plaintiff can’t remember exactly your honor, but defendant Jackson decided to come to the Plaintiff’s neighborhood, not once, but twice. This claim is thus untimely. The assault claim should, therefore, be dismissed for failure to state a claim because the First Amended Complaint is devoid of any allegations to support such a claim against Jackson.”

It’s unclear if the judge presiding over the case has made a formal decision on the matter. However, the allegation of assault is just one minor part of Holland’s $300 million lawsuit against Jackson.

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