50 Cent Awarded $14.5 Million in Malpractice Lawsuit


50 Cent settled a malpractice lawsuit with his former lawyers and will receive $14.5 million — but it’s all going towards his bankruptcy.

via TMZ:

50 had sued his team of attorneys for malpractice, insisting they did a shoddy job repping him against Sleek Audio. You’ll recall, Fiddy lost that case and owed Sleek a ton of cash.

Rather than go to trial, the lawyers have struck a deal with the rapper … agreeing to pay him the $14.5 mil. Not that Fiddy will be able to spend it — it’s already spoken for due to his bankruptcy.

According to docs filed in that case … 50 still owes $23 million to his creditors, including $17 mil to Sleek — so the settlement money’s likely going straight into their pockets, not his.

The bankruptcy judge still needs to sign off on the deal.

$14.5 million that he’ll never get to see. That’s unfortunate.

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