14-Year-Old Model Molly O’Malia Speaks Out, Accuses Tyga of Initiating Conversation via Instagram

tyga molly scandal

The 14-year-old at the center of the Tyga text messaging scandal spoke out today.

With attorney Gloria Allred by her side, the tearful teen read a prepared statement in front of reporters that accuses Tyga of initiating conversation and blasts OK! magazine for making the situation public.

To be clear, neither Molly or her mother are accusing Tyga of sending anything inappropriate. His reaching out made her ‘uncomfortable’ and she’s unaware of how OK! magazine got ahold of the alleged messages.

via TMZ:


Allred launched an attack against OK! because she says the magazine poorly pixelated Molly’s image. She says people figured out it was Molly, and have been hounding her about allegedly coming between Kylie and Tyga.

Molly, who’s also an aspiring singer, claims Tyga reached out to her … first through Instagram … and she only responded because she thought it was about her music. She says she got skeeved out though when he allegedly asked to FaceTime. 

Allred says the magazine’s claim the two were “hooking up” is not true and what’s more, portrays Molly “in a completely false light” — and exploited a minor. Despite that … there was no talk of a lawsuit.

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