As He Should: 14-Year-Old Who Listed Black Classmate on Craigslist as 'Slave for Sale' Charged With Hate Crime

A 14-year-old racist has been charged with a hate crime after he put his Black classmate on Craigslist as a ‘slave for sale’ — complete with a photo he took during class.

The racist student was charged on Wednesday.

via Complex:

“We hold our students accountable for their behavior, which includes appropriate disciplinary consequences,” Principal Bill Wiesbrook said in an email to parents of students at the school. He insisted that the listing on Craigslist was “not reflective” of the school as a whole. The Craigslist ad made its way to social media, and the description had a racial slur.

The mother of the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke with WGN News about the situation. “They used to be friends, they are not anymore. The moment he started teasing my son, calling him dumb, making fun of his skin color, saying ‘shut up slave’ last October,” she said. “They are not friends anymore.”

Naperville police chief, Robert Marshall, released a statement on the hate crime, which he called a “despicable and extremely offensive post that is not at all reflective of the caring, welcoming community that our department serves and protects every day.” 

The only way to combat hate is to send a strong message that it won’t be tolerated.

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