1 Person Shot at Video Shoot, Boosie Badazz Reportedly Not Harmed [Photo + Video]

Still recovering from getting shot in the leg back in November 2020, Boosie Badazz had another scary encounter today (May 29) while on set of a music video that he was filming.

via: Complex

Boosie reportedly left the incident that occured in Huntsville, Alabama unharmed.

Video footage from the shoot shows Boosie surrounded by an entourage and toting weapons as they rap lyrics to “Clutchin’” when gunfire begins to ring out. The video cuts off after that point, so it cannot be seen where the shots were coming from.

According to TMZ, police questioned several witnesses, since there were nearly 100 people outside when the shooting took place, but no one divulged any information that helped investigators discover who was behind it. While it’s still unclear who was involved in the shooting, this most recent violent event goes hand-in-hand in several other occasions involving Boosie avoiding gunfire. In November of last year, Boosie needed two surgeries to remove the bullet fragments lodged in his foot from a shooting that occurred and had some screws put in while it healed.

Rumors even began swirling that he might need to have a leg amputated, but they were quickly debunked. Boosie and Dee Rogers haven’t commented on the shooting yet.

Boosie was scheduled to perform at Hideaway 2.0 in Huntsville. According to the club promoter via his IG Stories, Boosie was expected to appear and perform.

Boosie literally dodged a bullet.

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