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Chris Brown Weighs In on the Kim Kardashian/Taylor Swift Drama: ‘Ouch, My P*ssy Hurt!’

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Chris Brown, drama connoisseur, took to Instagram to sound off on the controversy between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift — and he’s already over it. “WHO GIVES A FUCK,” wrote Chris. He then blasted Taylor for causing unnecessary drama. “EVERYBODY BE REALLY ACTING LIKE LITTLE ASS KIDS… Oh NO, someone said something I don’t like. OUCH, MY PUSSY HURT. Make music …

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Chris Brown Fired from His Residency at Drai’s Nightclub After Calling the Venue Racist

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Chris brown has been let go from Vegas residency at Drai’s Nightclub for refusing to apologize to the club’s owner after calling the venue ‘racist’ on Instagram. via TMZ: Not too long ago … Chris torched the club on Instagram, and that pissed off Drai’s to the point it issued an ultimatum — apologize or get out.  But it wasn’t just …

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Chris Brown Says He DIDN’T Trash that Ibiza Condo — and Has Proof

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Chris Brown says the owner of the home he rented in Ibiza made up the story about him trashing the place with piss and vomit — and he can prove it! The singer took to Instagram to share videos he reportedly recorded at the property after the landlord became ‘aggressive’ with him. As reported, the landlord claims the house was damaged …

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Chris Brown Kicked Out of Rental Property in Ibiza, Reportedly Left Piss and Vomit Everywhere

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It’s time to come together in a prayer circle for Chris Brown. According to new reports, Chris Brown got himself kicked out of the home he was staying in while in Ibiza last week for allegedly trashing it. via TMZ: According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Chris or someone in his crew either threw knives at the wall or …

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Watch: Chris Brown Snatches and Tosses a Girl’s Phone Away in the Club [Video]

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Chris Brown doesn’t play when it comes to the ‘no recording’ policy while he parties. While Chris partied in the VIP section at club Arenile in Napoli, Italy last weekend, a fan couldn’t help but sneak a video. In the clip, you see Chris notice the woman, reach over, grab her phone, and toss it off in the distance behind …

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Chris Brown Addresses Split with Publicist, Suge Knight Lawsuit and More: ‘You Won’t Michael Jackson Me!’

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It’s been a pretty rough few days in the media for Chris Brown, but now the singer is speaking his piece. After news broke that he’s getting sued by Suge Knight AND the fact his ex-tour manager & publicist quit, Chris has taken to Instagram to address it all. See what he had to say about it all below: Scroll DOWN through my page …

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Chris Brown’s Publicist Quits After Getting Called a ‘Do Nothing B*tch’

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We thought we’d have to wait until next week for another edition of ‘Chris Brown May Have Done a Bad Thing,’ but here we are — just 24 hours since new broke that he allegedly went on a drug-fueled tirade on an ex-tour manager.  Today, Chris Brown’s ex-publicist is revealing the singer referred to her as a ‘do nothing b*tch’ …

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Suge Knight Sues Chris Brown & Pia Mia for Club Shooting


Suge Knight has filed a lawsuit against Chris Brown blaming his poor security as the reason he got shot in the club back in 2014. via TMZ: According to the docs, Knight says Brown and 1 OAK Nightclub should have had better security in August 2014 when Suge was shot multiple times inside the club. He was hit in the …

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Chris Brown’s Ex-Tour Manager Says She Quit Because He Was ‘Irrational and High on Drugs’

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In this week’s episode of ‘Chris Brown May Have Done a Bad Thing,’ an ex-tour manager is speaking out with allegations Chris went on a threatening, drug-fueled rant that was SO bad she jumped the tour bus and quit. via TMZ: Sources connected to Chris’ tour tell us the incident went down May 23 during Chris’ European tour. Nancy Ghosh …

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Chris Brown’s Former Manager Sues, Accuses Chris of Beating Him Up in a ‘Drug-Fueled Rage’ + Chris Responds [Video]

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In this week’s episode of ‘Chris Brown May Have Done a Bad Thing,’ Chris is accused of beating the sh*t out of the manager he once hired to rehabilitate his image after the whole Rihanna incident. via TMZ: Mike G claims he was hired in 2012 not only to change Brown’s image but to get him out of debt and …

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