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Kenya Moore Shows Off Her Lengthy Locks to Promote ‘Moore Hair Care’ [Video]

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 9.45.36 PM Now that we’re in 2015, Kenya Moore is finally ready to launch her Moore Hair Care product line.

The overall goal of the line is to help grow and strengthen your own real, natural hair. Kenya took to Instagram to show off her own long locks — to which she attributes to using her own product.

She writes:

“Hello #2015 to all my ladies who are frustrated with the health or length of their hair #moorehaircare products can help you achieve your hair goals. I now have waist length hair by using my own hair care products to strengthen and nourish your real hair so that it’s stronger and can grow longer. Sign up at kenyamoore.com to receive samples when they ship next month. #moorehaircare available March 2015! #longhairjourney #naturalhair #noweave #realhair #allhairtypes #luxuryhaircare”.

We’ll definitely be giving Moore Hair Care a try!

  • Simone Rodrigues

    She’s alway had thick long hair. I’m waiting for the one that shows it go from thin and short to long and healthy. It’s just like Keisha Knight-Pullem promoting that Hairfinity stuff. Bye Felicia..?. Won’t be wasting my coins on that. No hate just 100% truth. For those that already have that kind of hair and want to maintain it… Go for it. Those that don’t shouldn’t be tricked into thinking that it will give them that same hair when those woman already had it. That’s all

    • Leslie

      Hairfinity wasn’t something I was willing to buy into until someone gave me a free bottle saying it didnt work for them. I just tried it to try it and maybe 3 weeks later I couldn’t believe my hair. I was going crazy talking about it to all my friends and showing before and afters then I got my best friend a bottle and it made all her hair fall out:( Personally it made my hair grow like weeds it got longer and thicker really fast but I will say it makes hair ALL OVER grow fast too. *ahem. lol P.S. My hair was thin and damaged before trying

      • Creativellyours

        That’s great that it worked for you. I tried HF twice. The first time didn’t work. Then maybe a year later I gave it a go for an even longer period and it did nothing. Not bashing the product, I realize everything don’t work for everybody.

      • http://www.instagram.com/theelegantbella Sasha Tabrese Jones

        Yes, Hairfinity is the truth’

  • An Observation

    These ladies pretty much have the same gimmicks. A charity, a book, some sort of liquor/wine, and something to do with hair wigs, weave extensions. There are different things like the adult business like Kandi, workout videos or makeup but there is always some side hustle and the majority of this stuff is not worth it. Kenya’s hair has to do with her genetics just like her bad skin is genetic. She can take products to make her skin better but it is what it is. Just like you can take biotin to help your hair and nail but to think that taking the crap that Kenya is peddling and you are going to have hair down your back is a mistake. For that you better go see Porsha (if she can stay out of jail) for some of that corpse hair soaked in formaldehyde that she is pimping.

    • reet

      Really Kenya!!! Your has always been long. False advertisement when you say,” since I been using my products my hair is this way.” Keep it real! Although I do believe that you use extensions some time. I could be wrong.

      • pinky

        She does

    • BlackBombshell

      I don’t think it’s a “gimmick” as much as it is an opportunity to exploit the publicity the show gives them in exchange for the network exploiting their lives to the public for critique and ridicule (and ratings). From the mentions and comments I read on social media and blogs about these women, they couldn’t pay me enough money to do it. And if I did, it would be imperative for me to exploit the situation myself for my own career advancement and financial gain. That way my time on the show wouldn’t be in vain and I could leave it being in better shape career wise and financially than when I came.

      • An Observation

        I call it a gimmick because I feel it applies, perhaps to some and not all. Phaedra had the workout video and in no way does it appear she ever was on a work out regime. Kenya puts out a video having to do with her behind and hers was purchased. In the beginning Nene had the charity and it was discredited and was never deemed legitimate. She rarely speaks of it now. I am all for making an opportunity out of another but I also feel you should make it count and produce a quality product. Again to me it is as if once they are on these shows some one approaches them and says “hey choose one” and it’s a book, liquor, a clothing line or something like that.

    • http://twitter.com/mandydolldoll MandyDoll

      Porsha went to jail? What did I miss? Damn.

      • An Observation

        She was arrested and bailed out. Driving on a suspended license this time.

        • http://twitter.com/mandydolldoll MandyDoll

          Wow. I guess she should’ve taken the “Underground Train.” LOL!

  • sai

    Also check out “GET YOUR LENGTH” on Amazon.com for help with hair growth the simple way that wont leave you broke! My hair never went past shoulder length and now its down my back. the book is available in paperback and kindle only $2.99

  • http://www.Haute-Trader.com Corey

    Very beautiful hair! Excited to give it a try but unfortunately her genes don’t come in a bottle.


    • shona

      ask her to part it straight from the front.. and show the scalp… it a real good instant weave. if you check the front hair and the nape hair as she is parting…..

  • BlackBombshell

    I’m REALLY confused about the comments on this post. EVERYONE’S hair grows! It just may grow at different speeds. Also, some people’s hair is naturally thick and some hair is just naturally thin. Same goes for curly, straight, and everything else. I don’t see Kenya denying that fact.

    Also I don’t hear or see Kenya saying or doing anything different than any Pantene commercial or natural hair YouTube vlogger (who has their own product line) saying or doing. Pick up any container of any haircare product in any retail establishment and you’ll read the same thing on their product packaging too. I don’t understand why Kenya is being singled out for what is tantamount to selling “snake oil”. I mean, she’s even giving out FREE samples for anyone to try so they could see for themselves if her product is for them. I say, good on her. She’s doing something she actually KNOWS a thing or two about, which is OBTAINING and MAINTAINING a healthy head of hair.

    The only thing I didn’t like about her preliminary advertisement is that she didn’t mention the fact that she has “natural” (non-chemically straightened) hair. She straightens her hair via blow-outs and flat presses. The fact that she has maintained a healthy and luxurious head of hair despite a seemingly strict regimen of using high heat on a constant basis for decades speaks volumes of her hair care regimen to me. Whatever system of hair care she has developed over the years to maintain the health (and length) of her hair has definitely worked for her. As far as I know, there are NO major brands out there who have a point-person to go to for a decades-long testimony to their products’ claims – yet women (Black women in particular) shell out hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on their haircare every year in support of those brands.

    Also, in her advertisement, Kenya’s not promising the moon. She’s just saying her haircare products can HELP you reach your hair care goals by NOURISHING and STRENGTHENING your hair. I’m looking at my Shea Moisture and Cantu bottles and they say pretty much the SAME THING. I only tried them because I heard someone on YouTube say that they tried them and liked them. Kenya is basically doing the same thing with her own product all the while giving others the opportunity to decide for themselves and possibly share their experience with her products too. I see no harm in that, no “shady” sell tactics, and no signs of a “snake oil” product.

    All I can say is that I’m really starting to understand BlackOnyx77’s (Alikay Naturals) rants on social media now concerning entrepreneurship and support from her own “community” (Blacks, women, natural haircare, YouTube vloggers, etc…).

  • Chaleeta

    I grew my hair in 3.5 years after cutting all perm and I have the same length hair. For hair tips contact me on Facebook.


  • http://twitter.com/mandydolldoll MandyDoll

    Her hair was long before this product existed. =/