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Tamar Braxton Pops Off on Mariah Huq After ‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion Comments

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Last night during the Married to Medicine reunion, Mariah had some choice words to say about Tamar Braxton when Andy Cohen hinted that she and Quad may have stolen their lingo from Tamar.

Andy quipped:

I think Tamar Braxton feels like you aped some of her schtick.

Mariah then responded:

Really? I think that’s absurd. I’ve been like this all my life. I’ve always been over the top, had a big personality. I think that for anyone to feel like they created talking in the third person, they’d have to be from Mars.

Catching wind of the comments, Tamar responded via Twitter, saying:

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 3.00.58 PM

…and it’s not the first time Tamar expressed displeasure with Mariah over using ‘her’ phrases:

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 4.10.06 PM

Hopefully they’re able to resolve their issues. I feel like their back & forth is really a moot point, because we all know where this ‘lingo’ & way of speaking¬†really¬†originated…the Black gay community.


  • Ari

    Was “mute point” instead of ‘moot’ a read, lol?

    • girl i hope so because..mute? i can’t -_-

  • dj hunt

    She wasn’t talking about Tamar. Andy brought it up. Tamar sitcho non-singing ass down!

    • Laura Carter

      Good one, I cant stand looking or hearing that third person wannabe Bey!

  • Demonic Vixen

    The problem with Mariah, and all of those women on Married to Med, is that it doesn’t sound like any of them actually speak the way that they do on the show. It’s painful to listen to. I couldn’t make it past 3 episodes before I gave up.

  • SNLHumes

    Tamar should have just HUSHT on this one!! CLEARLY Andy was stirring the pot!!…as he always does! I love you to death Tamar, but SIT DOWN!!

  • Cherry

    Tamar is so simple. Honey, you were watching Mariah’s show commenting so who really won? Idiot.

  • WTF?

    Both of them got their lingo from the gay boys “get your life” “have a seat” “SHADE!” they haven’t come up with any of that, so lets start there….

    • Marquita Thomas

      I was just about to comment to that very thing! If it wasn’t for gay men, she wouldn’t have any lines at all!

  • Alexandra Zanpaktou

    At least Mariah Huq gave the gay community their credit for her lingo. I don’t think Tamar has, but I could be wrong.

  • Mar-I-Ugh

    Mariah didn’t steal Tamar’s schtick. She stole Neice Nash’s. Mariah, can you find yourself, please?

  • PrincessPoetress

    & to be real….ELMO spoke in 3rd person way before either of them.

    Come on ladies…be real!!!

    • Samkelis ?

      loooool true

  • Samkelis ?

    Oh shut up Tamar

  • l.lawrence

    tamar is a person that has low self issuses She acts like that to get attention. In a year are so we wont even hear about Tamar Muppet Braxton.

  • Fun

    The black gay community??? Really!???? Wow… So dumb… NOPE SORRY. So your telling me black gY men just started talking like that GOR NO REAson!???? The reasons were their moms, sisters, aunts, and grandmas. GET IT TOGETHER. You sound a fool.