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Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Vulgar Exchange with Jenny Johnson, Comedy Writer

Chris Brown deleted his twitter account Sunday night after a vulgar twitter exchange with comedy writer, Jenny Johnson. The full, NSFW exchange is below.

Like many people on Twitter, former news producer and current comedy writer Jenny Johnson (under her handle @JennyJohnsonHi5) frequently makes fun at the expense of controversial R&B singer Chris Brown. But unlike most, Johnson found herself the target of an extended vulgar, sexist response from Brown on Sunday afternoon.

Johnson, who is often cited as one of the funniest presences on Twitter, has poked fun at Brown ever since his 2009 arrest for beating his former (and maybe current?) girlfriend Rihanna, largely due to his apparent lack of remorse. One of Johnson’s most popular tweets, “Call me old fashioned, but Chris Brown should be in prison,” was retweeted 1,869 times.

But it wasn’t until she tweeted the following that she grabbed Brown’s attention: “I know! Being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person. RT @chrisbrown: I look old as fuck! I’m only 23…”

Brown, who has 11.6 million followers on Twitter, responded by hurling sexual, graphic insults toward Johnson.

This is hardly the first time Brown has found himself in trouble due to Twitter. Earlier this month, the singer posted a photo of himself dressed as a terrorist for Halloween, which many found to be racist. In fact, he’s even gotten into it with Johnson (as well as a few other funny folks on Twitter) in the past, but never to such a disgusting degree.

After his performance at the Grammys earlier this year, Brown fired off aggressive tweets directed at his critics before deleting them. Whether he deletes this ugly episode with Johnson remains to be seen — but don’t worry, we have screengrabs just in case. – Huffington Post

  • Ashlie

    I really do think it’s best that CB stays off the social sites. Unfortunately, to me he showed that he still has a lot of growing up to do. His tweets to her were disgusting and very immature. BUT I still have hope for him. I always believe in giving someone a second chance, and it is so sad that people like Jenny Johnson won’t give it to him. She has been harrassing him since 2010, that should be against the law. CB has endured enough, so I don’t blame him. He’s needs to focus on his career and maturity. Let God be the one to handles this people who attack him.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DUW6UQC5MFA7CV564ZEBMDNKSY LaShae E

      Who cares what you think?

  • gabby

    But did you see allll of the horrible things she said to him? Would she say those things if he were white? These are questions everyone must ask themselves. He is the target for so much because he responds to scum like her and everyone else that berates him with hatred and as soon as he retaliates, be it in his best interest or not, he is made more of a monster in the public eye. But that is what she wanted though; a retort. Something from him to make him personify what the public thinks he is. Its a shame. And as black people we should uplift one another and not edit and publicize pretty little blog pieces up about things like this. This is a persons LIFE we are talking about, and he obviously needs help and love around him. Not white women with nothing better to do than to harass him over the internet for fun without any repercussions. He is the representation of every black boy in the community that has been forced to grow up too fast because of idiotic mistakes. Please, take this down and uplift and heal. Dont demean. It is your job to be a blogger i understand, but this situation is a not a gray area and you can NOT talk about one side of this with out asking yourselves the aforementioned questions. People dogged and slandered Whitney Houstons name because of what she was doing to herself, and everyone grieved when she passed and what have you. If you have the ability to help, do so, and don’t wait till its too late.

    • KJ

      Wow… This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he’s black and everything to do with the fact that oh, I don’t know… HE BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIS GIRLFRIEND. He doesn’t deserve to be uplifted. He has shown almost no remorse about what he did. He even tattooed a beaten woman on his neck. He deserves all the ridicule that is thrown at him. And I’d say the same thing if he were white (And I’m a black woman so don’t even try to throw any of that “You’re a racist” bullcrap at me). He deserves to be in jail and not glorified by ignorant people. All of the twitter harassment in the world will never compare to what he did to Rihanna. It’s disgusting that you are trying to paint him as the victim.

      • Kam

        You’ve heard of Charlie Sheen Right? He’s known for domestic violence against women but you know what is antics was rewarded with? a prime time tv show. He did not get counselling, do community service or even try publicly to make a amends with any of the people he hurt unlike Chris Brown. The big difference between these two people is that Chris is Black and Sheen is white and you can say race is not an issue but it is. The evidence is below about sheen’s domestic assault case. And that tattoo on his neck is a picture from a MAC cosmetics add I’m not even a Chris Brown fan but I call bulls**t when I see it. As well Rihanna the person he offended forgave him heck they are secretly still seeing each other. So why should anyone still be in rage if the person he hurt isn’t?

        Sheen was arrested on Christmas Day on charges of felony second-degree assault, felony menacing and a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief after allegedly strangling, holding a knife to the throat of, and threatening to kill then-wife Brooke Mueller. In August 2010 hepleaded guilty to third-degree domestic violence in the case, but instead of jail, he returned to work and an out-patient rehab program in Malibu that focused on “behavior modification.”

        • KJ

          He’d be easier to forgive if he was actually sorry for what he did and was making an effort to change his behavior, but clearly from these tweets, neither of these things were happening. And I don’t give a fuck if it was a MAC ad, it is still in bad taste and proves that he is not even thinking about what he did. And just because Rihanna “forgave” him and may still be seeing him doesn’t make what he did okay and doesn’t mean that he should not still be held responsible for his action. Abused women frequently return to their abusers. Please do some research on the cycle of abuse before you try to come at me with that ignorance. JUST BECAUSE A WOMAN RETURNS TO HER ABUSER DOES NOT MEAN IT IS OKAY. Clearly Rihanna needs as much help as he does. I honestly feel bad for the poor girl.

          As for Charlie Sheen, his case wasn’t as publicized as Chris Brown’s was. Yeah, maybe race MIGHT come into play in the way the media portrayed both those cases, but you can’t pull the race card on Jenny Johnson because most people, regardless of race, including myself, are not nearly as aware of the Sheen case as they are of the Chris Brown case. And like I’ve said before, CHRIS HAS SHOWN ALMOST NO REMORSE FOR WHAT HE’S DONE. Yeah, initially he did to save face but now with stunts like this, it is clear that he not only has no respect for women but that he also has a very violent attitude toward them.

          Also, don’t fucking talk about “media rewards.” How many hit singles has Chris Brown had since the assault? In your own words “I call bullshit when I see it.”

          • Kam

            I can see lack of intelligence just by the blatant curse words that you use throughout your response but let me humour you. Charlie Sheen’s fiasco has been publicized a great deal but somehow the media has learned to forgive him but Chris that has done multiple interviews professing his remorse and has yet to be forgiven. Charlie Sheen has never apologized for his actions and yet everything has been swept under the rug when it comes to him and your saying race plays a little part in this? Little girl please it plays a huge part.

            I know about abuse situations but as I said Rihanna has forgiven him so he doesn’t need forgiveness from nobodies such as this female comedian whoever the heck she is.

            Let me ask you since your judge, jury and G-d what should Chris Brown do to show that he he is truly sorry huh? do his is sentence the judge gave him? oh right he did it was community service, seek professional help? oh right he did do that, apologize? oh right he did that too. Give me a break he has shown his remorse what do you want from him his blood?

            This only thing in bad taste Chris did is respond to this female. Where is her outrage with cases like George Zimmerman where he was granted bond after he killed a teenager? Get out my face with this trash there are more important things in the world. This comedian knew she would get a rise out of Chris which would grant her a little 15 minutes of fame.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DUW6UQC5MFA7CV564ZEBMDNKSY LaShae E

        Were you there when he beat her? What you need to do is worry about your damn self. I wouldn’t give a damn if you were green, you need to worry about the men you skrew and whose beating on you. You have a life fix that one first. The world will end before you are thru. You idiots need to get the hell over years ago. Ppl like you should be locked away, you have no heaven or hell to place a soul.

        • KJ

          Honestly, this response is so ignorant that I shouldn’t even be dignifying it with a response. I didn’t need to have been there when he beat her to be angry about it. I get angry when ANYONE is assaulted or abused, especially when it is within a relationship. In fact, I am a domestic and sexual violence activist. My JOB is to be angry about these things and this is a part of my life so don’t tell me that I don’t need to worry about this. I honestly don’t care about Chris but I care about the image that he is putting out to the public, the image that perpetuates ignorance like yours. And my life doesn’t need fixing, thank you very much, but clearly yours does if you’re defending this idiot (and in a very unintelligent way. If you have to make personal attacks on someone, that means you know you don’t have a legitimate argument.) And yes, I obviously don’t have a soul for wanting men who mercilessly abuse and disrespect women to have to atone for what they did. I definitely deserve to go to jail for wanting the world to be a safer place for women. I’m sorry for actually being a decent human. Apparently that’s a crime now adays.

      • Bitch- Please

        KJ …just shut the fuck up! I’m sure you NOR ANY OF YOU OTHER CRITICS are saints either.Drop the shit- I wish he’d beat the fuck out of you. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE THAT MAN ALONE!

  • DoinMe

    Why is this woman constantly picking on him in the first place? People need to leave him the hell alone. If someone is constantly provoking you, of course you’re going to bite back. People on social media kill me getting all gangster and thinking they just say whatever they want and not get blasted back.

  • Mike

    Idiotic mistakes? HE BEAT A WOMAN. His worthless scumbag ass should be IN JAIL. This piece of shit doesn’t DESERVE a second chance…but because he’s “Famous”, he’s above the law? Are you kidding? Why don’t you idiots beat the shit out of someone so they can press charges and watch what happens once you get sentenced?

    btw, this has NOTHING to do with him being black or not. Leave the “Racism” card at the door, because it shows how stupid you are. For what he’s done, he should face the consequences in the courts, but he hasn’t.

    • Gabby

      You telling me to leave the race card at the door only makes this situation more racist. There is no WAY that we can look at this situation objectively and not take in to account the race related issues that are just begging to come to the spot light. There are so many other domestic violence cases out there amongst celebrity men and no one has EVER came down on them so hard as they have Chris Brown. But your eyes and ears with not read and hear what is truth. So carry on. If you are black and you see someone black in OBVIOUS pain, uplift. Period. And if you are not, well. Continue on in your privilege that makes you believe that there is no racism in this. Good day.

      • Mike

        Actually, this CAN be looked at objectively. YOU are the one making it a race issue. It isn’t. It’s a “famous person” issue – if you or I did what he did, how many years would we get? I rest my case. Because it’s Chris Brown, he gets nothing? I think there’s a little something wrong here. Domestic abuse isn’t a joke. Any man (or woman, as it does happen to men as well) deserves to be thrown in jail for life, whatever their skin color.

        • http://twitter.com/DanayaMonroe Relax Bitch®

          Did he not go to court? Did a judge not sentence him? Has he not repeatedly apologized over the past 3 years about this incident till he’s blue in the face and I’m long sick of hearing about it? What exactly would be a sufficient sentence for him? To spend the rest of his life in jail? Who the hell died and made you king and gave to the power to decide when to let shit the fuck go? When people make mistakes, those people pay for those mistakes and we are all allowed to move on but because he is in the public eye no one wants to let this boy live. Stop trying to make him the poster child for the angry black man and please for the love of God stop trying to make Rihanna a victim. I’m over it and clearly the two of them put it behind them ages ago. The only reason you give a shit is because he’s a rich black man in the public eye. Nothing more. This has everything to do with race because there have been plenty of WHITE male celebrities that beat the shit out of their significant others and no one was crying for an end to their careers. Have a seat hun.

          • Mike

            Let me guess. You and Gabby are two of those “Team Breezy” idiots, or whatever you delusional fools that support this loser call yourselves. Do a little reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Brown_%28American_entertainer%29. This POS didn’t do anywhere near enough time – he got off easy for whatever reason. One more: http://music-mix.ew.com/2012/09/11/chris-brown-tattoo-rihanna/ – oh, I dunno, that looks like a battered woman to me.

            One last link, since you are clearly misinformed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domestic_violence. Pay close attention to “Physical abuse” and “emotional abuse” when you read. How exactly can you continue to defend this bastard?

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DUW6UQC5MFA7CV564ZEBMDNKSY LaShae E

            Let me guess Mike you were born the biggest idiot in the world are you protesting R. Kelly after pissing and fucking a little girl on tape? Get a life and worry the fuck about yourself.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DUW6UQC5MFA7CV564ZEBMDNKSY LaShae E

      Did he beat your mama?

    • Elijah.

      Mike….you seem to be sexist yourself. The fact that you emphasized a woman was beat is the problem. I personally feel if Rihanna had beat Chris Brown up she would deserve what his charges were. Whether it is a woman beating a man or a man beating a woman does not make one more or less vile than the other. This is the 21st century. Violence is violence.

      • Mike

        No shit they’re the same. I even said as much, but you clearly didn’t pay attention: “Any man (or woman, as it does happen to men as well) deserves to be thrown in jail for life, whatever their skin color.” I clearly don’t care who does it, man, woman, black, white, or whatever. Do you honestly think I wouldn’t vilify Rihanna (or anyone else) if the situation was reversed?

    • Bitch- Please

      Your mother should have aborted your ass. How DARE you EVER think someone doesn’t deserve a second chance. YOU ARE NO SAINT! YOU ARE NOT PERFECT. YOU’VE DONE WRONG IN YOUR LIFE TOO IM SURE! SO STFU

  • http://www.facebook.com/wonderandhurt Tree Turtle

    She started it.

    He continued it.

    And the higher power will finish it [palm splayed to the heavens]!

  • BMarie

    DV is never good. But to continue to go at CB when the so called victim is over it is pointless. They have to live with whatever choices they make about their relationship. People need to stop judging CB so hard like they shit don’t stink. He made a mistake, he paid for it. Shit some of ya’ll act like he beat ya’ll asses. Move on, Rhianna did, so can you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DUW6UQC5MFA7CV564ZEBMDNKSY LaShae E

    R. Kelly was caught on tape pissing on little girls, do I hear ppl going after him inspite of the evidence that was caught on tape? You idiots need to get the hell over something that didn’t happen to y’all. If she is over it why are you idiots still holding on to a problem that doesn’t consist of anyone of y’all? Worry about whose beating up your sisters and your mothers first.

    • PJ

      And YOU need to get off the internet and worry about studying for your G.E.D. Dumbass…

  • Ddontreal

    He know he don’t have any self control so he should stay off twitter, the boy really got problems don’t nobody care what she said it me be true.

  • CurlyBoo

    everybody looking at chris like he’s the monster. yes he beat the shit out of rihanna but look turn ya head and scorn ri-ri too. she dropped the restraining order and whatnot. i mean she was STILL on this dude nuts even after he’s moved on. all out and about with him in public-making songs with him-YALL KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. the victim can’t leave the abuser alone-so the hell with the two.

    this chick needs to mind her damn business b/c what she started was very unnecessary and childish. u can’t poke fun of people like that-its just horrible and not right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tina.syrus Tina M Syrus

    I’m so sick and tired of people talking about Chris beating Rihanna she must’ve loved it since she cant leave him alone every 5 minutes shes up his butt so get over it she has