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Watch: Blue Ivy Sings ‘Surfboard’ During Beyoncé’s Grammy Awards Rehearsal [Video]

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The footage from Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” dress rehearsal for the Grammys has hit the Internet and it features on of the cutest moments ever!

While Beyoncé’s finishing up her performance (with Frank Gatson standing in for Jay Z), you can hear Blue Ivy singing “Surfboard” along with her mommy! As soon as she does, Beyoncé can’t help but smile at before giving her daughter a shout out on the mic.

Granted, what she’s singing about is a little inappropriate…but she sounds super cute!

Get into the clip below!

  • Itsbey_

    Love it…. The song is Harmless to a one year old baby… STOP YALL SHIT! #Itsbey

  • Sha Har

    Awww It was very sweet. Her child was not in the actual rehearsal but came over the speakers of the room. She heard her mother’s voice and repeated it and then said “Hi Mommy” several times in her sweet little voice.

    • Shawneeen

      Her voice was sweet. Can’t stand her mother but Blu is so cute.

    • GiftofDiscernment

      Her little voice was cute, but Beyonce’s reaction was so phony and contrived. Also, did that baby really just say “surfbort”???

  • Rosalyn

    Do anybody have the link?

  • The Real M.D

    When did it become cute to hear toddler talking about riddin dlcks?? Black bltches stay losing for that very reason.

    • Shawneeen

      Why do Black women stay losing? Women if all colors do this! First she didn’t sing the song & what about loser absentee fathers?

  • Denise West

    that’s bullshit, our everyday kids are walking around singing this bullshit andiit’s nit cute, but because their daughter sings this song it’s acceptable. people let’s get back to parenting and nit allowing anything to come in the way if that. really, no cute.

    • Shawneeen

      She just Mommy but I agree, it’s not cute.

  • ItsAnt

    We’ve all grown up singing songs that our parents, grandparents, etc. have listened to that have adult themes. We didn’t understand them we just liked the song and sang it. Blue Ivy most likely wont know what this song means until she’s a teenager and right now it’s harmless!

  • rainbow

    that was cute

  • Victoria Couturienne Elle

    Awwww, it WAS inappropriate, but it was sooo cute. Sooo damn cute. & Yonce’s face was too heart-warming. That’s beautiful.